How To Move Out With No Money: the 7-Step Blueprint

I understand that some people live in toxic households and want to leave.

I’m not going to convince you to stay in hell.

Heck – I think you should leave ASAP.

But with no money in the bank, it’s not straightforward. It can still be done, though!

And that’s what we will discuss in this article. Keep reading to learn about 7 ways to move out with no money.

7 Step Blueprint To Move Out With No Money

1. Move Into Your Car (And consider staying there!)

Did you know it’s becoming trendy to live in your car?

There are videos of people moving into their cars full-time.

Check it out:

You’re probably asking yourself…

“Why the heck would anybody move into their car?”

At first, I thought the same thing.

But then it hit me.

People living in their cars have the ultimate freedom. They spend their lives on the road, traveling wherever their heart desires.

Of course, these people make a living online. As somebody with no money, it’s more difficult.

If you do move into your car, cover the basics first.

You need food, water, and somewhere to shower.

For showers, I recommend the local gym. Not only that, but you can get a good workout in.

Some gyms also have a water fountain, so you can fill up a water bottle.

When you’re in a tough spot, exercise does a great job at boosting your mood.

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2. Budget Your Money Correctly

Small amount of money

When writing this article, I’m assuming you have a small amount of money set aside.

For example, a few hundred dollars.

If so, you need to budget your money correctly.

Think about your necessities such as food and water.

With a small budget like $200, you can get by on cheap noodles until you can find another source of income.

The thing that costs the most money is gas.

But it’s also super important. You need a working vehicle so you can drive around and find some type of employment.

To keep things simple, I would set a budget of $5 a day. With $200, this gives you 40 days to find a job and get paid.

Plenty of time.

3. Utilize Your Connections

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the opportunities that surround us.

Until we’re put into a difficult situation.

And then things make sense.

You might have moved into your car to get away from a toxic household. But are you forgetting about your connections?

Maybe family members are willing to help you out.

You can also ask your friends if they have a couch to crash on.

I’ve always found friends to be more helpful in times of need.

There’s also a flip side to this.

As well as utilizing your connections for a place to live, they can also be used to find work.

If you know any local business owners, be sure to hit them up and ask for an opportunity. Showing you’re passionate and willing to work hard goes a long way in these circumstances.

I know you’re struggling at this point, but try to sound confident and enthusiastic on the phone.

4. Get A Job

You can’t live in your car forever without any money, right!?

The next step in your journey involves getting a job.

Most people overcomplicate finding work. However, it’s really not that difficult.

At this point, you should be willing to take anything you find. Don’t worry about the ‘perfect job’. Your only concern should be putting money in your pocket.

You can worry about the ‘perfect job’ later on.

So, what’s the best way to find work?

My advice would be to forget about online applications. Everybody and their nana are applying for entry-level jobs online.

You need to go old-school.

Start walking into bars, restaurants, and nightclubs with your CV in hand. Not only does this increase your chances of being hired, but also leaves a good first impression.

Showing an employer you’re willing to put yourself on the line shows confidence – a trait employers are looking for.

I have experience doing this. And trust me, it doesn’t take long to land a job.

Most of the time, I end up with multiple job offerings. This gives me freedom of choice and lets me pick the best salary.

With that being said, I found online applications are better for highly skilled positions. However, I don’t recommend going down this route because the hiring process is more complex.

And you’re running out of money, huh!?

5. Meet The Right People

Men having a conversation

The harder your circumstances, the more you need others.

And not only for emotional support but also for the opportunities.

When living in your car, meeting new people is a big priority. You will have unexpected opportunities come your way.

Easier said than done, though.

Well, not really.

You just need to put yourself in social situations. Don’t worry about saying the right things and ‘looking cool’.

In fact, your mind won’t worry about these things when you’re in pain.

If you’ve managed to secure a job, this becomes even easier. You will start talking to your work colleagues and building relationships.

Because the end goal is to be successful, right!?

So one of your work colleagues might hold the key to a better opportunity.

7. Start With A Room Share

By this point, you should have a job and some money.

Rather than blowing your whole wage on an apartment, why not start with a room share?

Yes – It’s not ideal.

But it’s better than sleeping in your car, right?

It also provides another opportunity to meet people. After all, it’s impossible to be unsocial when you’re living with people.

For finding a room share, I recommend

Having operated since 2004 (longer than Instagram!), they’re the most reputable company in the game. You can find accommodation opportunities in the US at reliable prices.

They might not be penthouse quality, but anything is better than nothing.

Once you have a place to rest your head, your energy levels will skyrocket. This means more time focusing on getting more money, finding better accommodation, and building a business (if you want).

8. Look After Animals For Accommodation

Did you know you can live in somebody’s home rent-free?

When people go on holiday, they need somebody to look after their pets. While some people put them in kennels, not everybody agrees with this method.

Plus, some dogs don’t like being away from home.

I think it’s called separation anxiety.

Anyhow, that’s where you can help.

Websites like Trusted House Sitters connect homeowners with pet sitters. They have over 12,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot and are super well-known.

The downside is that it’ s not entirely free. You need to choose from one of the 3 paid plans.

If I were you, I’d go for the ‘standard sitter’ option because it comes with insurance.

Always good to have, right!?

If you’re anything like me, smashed plates are a daily occurrence!

Here’s A More Sensible Way To Move Out With No Money

I understand the blueprint above is not for everybody.

To even consider going through with it, your home living situation needs to be very difficult.

However, there is a ‘more sensible’ option.

Rather than making it work from your car, you can get some money before you move out.

And I’m not talking about working a regular 9-5.

There are more creative ways to get cash.

And fast!

Let’s discuss them below…

1.Flip Furniture

You may have heard about this before.

But it’s very lucrative.

People are moving houses all the time while trying to get rid of old furniture.

Once you acquire some furniture, you can sell it on the Facebook marketplace.

Craigslist and eBay are also viable options.

But the burning question is…

“Where do you find furniture!?”

There are 2 ways to answer this question.

You can go old school by driving around the streets. After a while, you are bound to see something left in somebody’s front yard.

Honestly, it doesn’t even need to be furniture. People leave all types of items in their driveways, from refrigerators to power tools.

The second option involves using the internet.

Once again, Craigslist, eBay, and the Facebook Marketplace are all great places to look.

People throwing out old furniture don’t typically want any money.

Even the ones that do want money are still worth considering. It’s not uncommon to find amazing deals, so you can flip for crazy profits.

2. Look For Tractor Tires

I bet you didn’t know that tractor tires are worth so much money.

A single tire can go for around $500-$1000.

But it all depends on the quality of the tread. If it’s worn and old, farmers may not be interested.

However, if you find something with a decent tread – congratulations!

You’ve found the golden ticket.

You can quit your job and live a life of freedom.

Only kidding.

Don’t get ahead of yourself yet.

So where do you find tractor tires?

I recommend looking in your local junkyard. You could even ask local farmers if they have any they don’t need.

Even if they want money, there’s a chance you could get them cheap.

Once you’ve found a tractor tire, it’s time for the exciting part!

Selling it.

Once again, Craigslist, Facebook, and eBay are your best friends.

Alternatively, you can go to local farms and speak to the owner directly.

3. Uber Eats Driver

I understand you need a vehicle to do the previous 2 jobs on this list.

After all, you can’t carry tractor tires and furniture on your back.

But you can be an Uber Eats delivery driver.

Let me explain…

Rather than needing a car, you can deliver food with a bicycle. Not only does this save you time, but also money.

No car means no gas.

So, is Uber Eats right for everybody?

For sure – anybody that can ride a bike.

And the best thing? You can get paid instantly. Being able to instantly cash out in-app means you don’t have to wait a full month.

Alternatively, you can choose to be paid weekly or every two days.

These benefits are excellent, but the reason I love Uber Eats is because it’s easy to get started.

You only need to fill in a few details and that’s it.

It shouldn’t take any longer than 2-3 days to be accepted. And once accepted, you can start delivering food.

After saving up enough money with Uber Eats, it’s time to get your own place.

4. Sell Your Old Stuff

Yard sale sign

Everybody has old personal belongings lying around.

If you need some ‘escape cash’, then why not sell stuff? I mean, you probably won’t need much if you’re planning to move out.

My advice is to check out the basement or attic.

If you’re lucky, you may even find something valuable.

The most valuable things you can find are electronics. Find old electronics from the 20th century and you may have found your escape ticket.


The steps outlined in this article are not for everybody.

But for people at their wit’s end, it may offer the solution you’ve been looking for.

However, the smarter option would be to save money using the methods above. This gives you more options and makes the whole process easier.

Whatever, you do – good luck.

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