Can Courage Exist Without Fear: Learn The Truth

“Can courage exist without fear?”,

Is like asking… 

“Can an aeroplane fly without wings?”.

The short answer is no.

If you don’t feel fear, then the outcome is not impressive. 

The reason courageous people are respected is that they learned to overcome fear.

Most people are controlled by it.

In this article, I will dive into both courage and fear.  You will learn how to use fear and accomplish more than you ever dreamed of.

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What Is Courage (And Why Most People Get it Wrong)

Courage is completing tasks that scare you.

Nowadays, people mask activities as courage.

For something to be courageous, it has to make you vulnerable. It has to hurt your emotions and destroy you a little.

If you’re working a 9-5 and building an online business on the side – that’s not courage.

Man working on a laptop

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it won’t necessarily make you courageous.

There is just not enough risk involved. 

Think about it…

What’s the worst that can happen? You continue working at your 9-5 and your business fails.

Nothing changes.

Real courage requires risk.

Here are some examples of courage.

  • An MMA fight
  • Quitting your job and fully committing to start a business
  • Door to door sales
  • Climbing Everest (or any challenging mountain)

These challenges make your heart race a little.

That’s how you know you’re on the right track.

What Is The Difference Between Fear And Courage?

Have you ever been nervous before a big event?

Sweaty palms, heart racing, tingling feeling in your body.

Most people can deal with the minor symptoms mentioned above. However, fear also cripples their mind.

Not only are you experiencing physical symptoms, but you can’t think clearly. Your mind is racing at 100mph, analyzing every thought.

And here’s the thing.

When operating from a place of fear, our mind always assumes the worst. Fear shows you the worst possible scenario and magnifies it by 10.

And the pressure becomes too much – so you quit.

That’s fear.

But you’re not alone.

Courageous people experience the exact same feeling. However, they choose to act, regardless of emotions.

Unless you can weather the storm, you will never experience true courage.

People who quit when things get tough never feel courage. They stopped before they broke through.

Do courageous people feel fear?

Without a doubt.

A courageous person is somebody who pushed through that fear.

And not just once – countless times.

You have to remember, everybody starts off the same in this world. People look at the courageous and think they are genetically gifted.

Completely false.

You can have the worst past and still outshine everybody with courage on your side.

I’ll use David Goggins as an example.

He has completed over 60 ultra-endurance events; is a retired Navy Seal; former world record holder for most pullups in 24 hours.

Looking at these accomplishments, do you think he ever felt fear?

Of course he did.

But he never stopped. And that’s why he is respected around the world.

One of my favourite quotes by Goggins is as follows:

“Comfort Zones: If you live in one too long – that becomes your norm.”

This quote is 100% correct. I see it all the time.

People get comfortable and completely abandon their goals. And once they get comfortable, it’s near-impossible to make a comeback.

If you find yourself getting comfortable in any area of life – act immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to pull yourself out of a rut.

Can You Eliminate Fear Completely?

Fear is the bridge between the successful and the unsuccessful.

See diagram below:

Fear and courage diagram

Few will cross the bridge. But the ones who do will be rewarded.

So, why would you want to eliminate fear completely? That would make overcoming challenges easy, so everybody could compete.

But to answer your question…

It cannot be eliminated. Even the most successful people on the planet feel fear before big events.

However, they control the fear – it doesn’t control them.

As you put yourself in more fearful situations, your courage increases. More courage means it’s easier to deal with fear.

Quitting and self-doubt quieten.

You know you’ve been here 100 times before.

Your body is primed for this situation, so it’s easier to disconnect from emotions.

How To Be More Courageous: 4 Tips

1. Know That Everybody Is Scared

Anybody taking on difficult challenges is scared. They may act tough on the outside, but they still feel the fear.

Even the most successful person you know feels fear.

It’s not something you can turn off.

However, keeping in mind that everybody is scared will make you feel better.

As humans, we like to think our pain is the worst. But that’s not true. Everybody experiences similar emotions before big events.

2. Train Yourself To Seek The Reward

Rather than focusing on fear, think about the reward.

On the other side of fear is accomplishments. 

Imagine how much more respected you will be after completing your goal.

Also, fear and excitement are very similar [1]. If you can convince yourself that you’re excited rather than fearful, you will be able to relax.

And the more relaxed you are, the better you perform.

3. Treat Fear Like A Drug

Emotions are addictive – even the bad ones.

As you become more accustomed to fear, you may start enjoying it.


Why do you think people climb Everest.

Maybe there passionate about climbing. However, I believe part of them enjoys the thrill.

They thrive in the face of danger.

It’s something to overcome.

Here’s the thing…

The first time you tackle a difficult challenge, fear levels will be high. As you continue pushing through barriers and your mind quietens – it becomes more of a thrill.

You will enjoy the buzz.

Like a drug.

4. Surround Yourself With People On The Same Path

Let’s say you want to build a million-dollar business through cold calling.

What’s the point of going it alone when you can surround yourself with people with a similar mission.

Doing so means you will all encounter similar problems.

Most of these issues will require courage.

Will you be the only one that doesn’t perform when required?

I doubt it.

Being around similar people forces you to excel. Yeah, it puts more pressure on your mind.

But as Sope Agbelusi said…

“Remember, diamonds are created under pressure.”

Are you a diamond?

5. Be Prepared

Preparation is key.

Good preparation will not eliminate fear completely. However, it reduces it dramatically.

If you go into a situation well-prepared, your confidence will be higher, and nerves lower.

You also have to remember that most people are fearful because they don’t prepare beforehand. 

If you’re fearful about competition, you can bet your life most people are not fully prepared.

Yeah, they may have studied a little.

But most people try to avoid the work. 

Being one of the only people to give it 100%, puts you way ahead of the competition. Thus, you will outshine them when the time comes.

In Summary

Courage cannot exist without fear.

People think like this to avoid hard work. Achieving anything worthwhile requires feeling the fear and acting regardless.

The more you act in the face of fear, the more courage you develop.

If you’re stuck in life, the best advice I can give is to put yourself in fearful situations. Situations that require courage to complete.

And not just once.

Over and over again.

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